Speak Up Mate

A charity that supports and empowers men in Australia.


Speak Up Mate

Now conducting meetings online!

Changing conversations. Together as mates, together as men. 

Speak Up Mate

All donations and grants go towards fulfilling our vision of supporting and empowering men in all communities across Australia. 

About Speak Up Mate

Speak Up Mate is a public company and registered charity that aims to bring about change in the way men express themselves to the world!

Mission Statement

To create a stronger, empowered community of men, whereby a change occurs around the dialogue of vulnerability, and a sense of pride is restored, in what it means to be a man in modern day society.


Upcoming Events

16th of October

Online via Zoom

10am – 1130am

13th of November

Online via Zoom

10am – 1130am

11th of December

Face to Face Northern Beaches PCYC

10am – 1200pm

Speak Up Mate Ltd acknowledges the first nations people and the countries to which they have a spiritual connection too. 

Speak Up Mate Ltd recognises the evolving dimensions of culture and diversity. And supports the equality of all humans.

Speak Up Mate Ltd acknowledges the lived experience of people with mental illnesses all around the globe, and understands the reverberation of trauma.

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