Our Objectives 

1: Decrease the rate of suicide, the leading cause of death for men under the age of 45 years old
2: Raise the self-awareness of men to improve their mental fitness & lifestyle choices
3: Empower men by means of social support, personal development education
4. Provide mental health services to the community

Our Philosophy


Give back. Be there for your mates. Honour those that have passed. Honour your word. Understand yourself, be self-critical, be courageous, be better than you were yesterday, don’t dwell on what you can’t control now.

Our philosophy stems from stoicism, Buddhism. Stoicism, striving to manage emotions, to build or refine virtues, and character. Buddhism understanding attachment, suffering, and compassion. 

Our work also integrates evidence-based, trauma informed, medically researched strategies. 

Background of Thinking

Men are notorious for keeping things to themselves and for many reasons such as fear, shame, guilt, and resentment. Under the guise of “show no weakness” over react, disengage, or shut down. This pervasive need to keep problems to themselves can harbour unresolved feelings that may be regarding interpersonal issues, finances or trauma. These feelings may lead to maladaptive behaviours such as addiction, gambling, excessive spending, and high risk taking behaviours to feel alive or manage the stress. These unresolved issues and maladaptive behaviours may lead to mental health issues, an under belly that many men carry like weight on their shoulders. This complex psychological process can create painful rumination that can be characterised as self-blame, decreasing sense of self or self-worth, leading to self-annihilation (internalization), or anger at the world (externalization) which may lead to violence towards others.